What factors require doing considered when buying a label printer?

Label printer is part of a cost-effective barcode system that allows businesses to manage inventory, track assets and maintain efficient supply chain operations. For SMBs looking to implement barcodes for the first time or to improve the efficiency of their existing barcode printer operations, choosing the right barcode printer for your application will avoid headaches, increase reliability and avoid unnecessary expenses.

The first step in choosing a barcode label printer is to determine what your barcode label will be used for and what surface it will adhere to. Are you printing shipping labels for boxes, small labels for delicate items like jewelry, or waterproof labels for shampoo bottles? Consider the elements your label needs to withstand, and use the following points as a guide.

1. Resistance

What does your label need to touch?

1.1 Chemicals

1.2 Light

1.3 Wear and tear


2. Environment

In what type of environment your tags will be used

2.1 Outdoor

2.2 Outdoor coverage

2.3 Extreme temperature

2.4 Moisture


3. Surface

What surface will your label stick to?

Be the surface curved or flat? Rough or smooth?

What is the material? For example, corrugated paper, metal, glass, paper, plastic, wood.


4. Dimensions

What size labels do you needs?

Common barcode label sizes include 4 x 6, 3 x 2, 7 x 5, etc. in centimeters.


5.What is your prints volume?





6.What type of connection you should consider?






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